With regard to the
international patent protection
this project is co-financed
by the European Union
from the funds of the European
Regional Development Fund.

Welcome to a site dedicated to the EL-GO project!

The project is created for the people interested in electronics.
Its aim is to introduce them into the world of electronics. This purpose is served
by the means of modern, authored assembly sets.

The El-Go sets designated for circuits building have been designed in such a way that the presentation of the knowledge
is made in an interesting and attractive manner, at such a level that gives the user a basis for further individual activity.
In El-Go a new - in the world - way of electric connection idea has been applied. They are being created themselves
by approaching the elements to each other and keeping them attrated with magnetic forces.

The project covers an introduction to the educational-technical market series of sets for building electronic circuits.
The first set had its début at the turn of the years 2008 and 2009. It enables building transistor circuits. The next set
will include integrated circuits and the one after it will enable computer connection for realizing reading or control functions.
At the same time sets dedicated for schools are being created. They will contain probes, meters, supply sources
and other modules convenient for school curricula.

Our motto:
Electronics become a part of our natural environment - its knowledge determines our place in the nutritive chain. :)